Migration Collective organises public events and inclusive projects aiming to challenge the current narrow rhetoric on migration and bring together members of different communities.


Migration is a topic often relegated into the corners of the film industry, with films focussing solely on negative experiences of displacement. The aim of the London Migration Film Festival is to portray the diversity, nuance and subjective experience of migration - in order to restore the dignity and humanity inherent within it.

The second annual London Migration Film Festival will take place in November 2017 - if you want to know more about please get in touch at themigrationcollective@gmail.com.


Stories untold

Stories Untold will speak to London migrants from all different social, political and economic backgrounds and ask them to tell us their story with their own words. We hope to make a series of documentary style short films that present a varied selection of migrants telling a mix of stories on screen. We will aim to share these stories far and wide, screening them in schools, businesses and both national and international festivals.

To know more or to be the subject of one of the films, click here.

Let's pop some bubbles.




The Living Library is exactly what it says it is - a library made up of lives. Through it, you will be given the opportunity to 'read' chapters of someone's experience, as the books in this case are actually people. They are there to tell you their story of migration, of their journey, of their hopes and experiences, of the motivations behind their mobility, of their lives here today. This will give you a chance to engage in a real dialogue with migrants and refugees of different backgrounds and walks of life. 

We held the first Living Library during Refugee Week 2017, and it was a complete success. If you would like to host the Library, please get in touch with us at themigrationcollective@gmail.com



cooking classes

Migration Collective will soon launch cooking classes, where refugee and migrant women of different communities living in London will offer sessions teaching their own cuisines, dishes and techniques. Proceeds will then go to the women themselves, in order to not only help the women generate income, but provide an opportunity for them to develop confidence and display mastery.