where is the programme?

Throughout the past few months we have been inundated by amazing films exploring migration and movement. We have spent the summer watching and selecting them, and our programme will be announced soon. Bear with us for a bit longer, we can’t wait to share the details of what promises to be an amazing edition of London Migration Film Festival.

*Programme and tickets will be released on 1 November*



The goal of London Migration Film Festival is to portray the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration - including and beyond the refugee experience - in order to restore the dignity and humanity inherent within it. We hope to challenge the rhetoric that overwhelmingly reduces migrants to simplistic categories: enemies or victims, passive or active. And in the process we hope to challenge our viewers.

LMFF 2019 will take place over the course of a week from 28 November - 4 December. As during its first three editions, LMFF 2019 will include a diverse range of activities, such as films, plays, workshops, and long-tables, as well as plenty of opportunities for networking.



LMFF 2019 will include a great number of fiction, short and documentary films focusing on the intersection of migration with themes such as climate emergency, integration, race, gender, representation, labour, friendship, family relations, tradition, war, and displacement.

Our aim is to portray the diversity and humanity of migration, and our film selection reflects the many forms in which migration takes place.  

We intentionally choose films focusing on diverse parts of the world and migratory routes, in order to challenge the expectation that most people move from the Global South to the Global North.

Our selection includes both films by established artists and directors as well as films by less known filmmakers who use new perspectives to analyse migration and refugee issues.

In order to raise the profile and provide a platform for migrant filmmakers, we include films that were directed, produced and starred in by migrants. 

The films presented in our programmes come from a wide range of diverse countries: from Argentina to Tibet, Kazakhstan to South Africa.

Not the first time around

If you want to know more about past editions of LMFF, please check out London Migration Film Festival 2018, London Migration Film Festival 2017 and London Migration Film Festival 2016

To see the detailed programme of 2018 edition of LMFF, please click here. To see the full film list click here.

Our Poster

We couldn’t like it more. It’s an art piece by Shinzaburo Takeda, a Japanese artist who has lived in Mexico for more than 50 years. You can find out more about him and his work here.