What’s the aim?

In our ever politically unhinged world we chat, moan, groan and celebrate our lives with likeminded people. People who have lived similar lives and share similar ambitions, successes and adversities. It seems that talking to people with the same views, and similar stories to our own, gives us the self-validation in today's world.


But, in a post-Brexit Britain, we think it's imperative that we start to share stories outside of our own bubbles. We want to remind people that whoever we are, wherever we've come from, we are all navigating the world and trying to get by as best we can. We are all human.


Stories Unknown will speak to London migrants from all different social, political and economic backgrounds and ask them to tell us their story with their own words. We hope to make a series of documentary style short films that present a varied selection of migrants telling a mix of stories on screen. We will aim to share these stories far and wide, screening them in schools, businesses and both national and international festivals.


Let's pop some bubbles.



Who should apply?

We are looking for different migrants that live in London of all ethnicities, ages, genders, who have a story they want to share with the world. If you/ someone you know are excited at the prospect of sharing a story on screen to show that migrants are nothing but people like you and I, then we'd love to hear from you. We are hoping to find people who belong to diverse migration categories (EU/Third country, second generation, asylum seekers, refugees, students, etc.)


How to apply?

Please email us at themigrationcollective@gmail.com by 15th May 2017 and tell us what story you would like to share. Please include details on your age, gender, origin, how long you have lived in London for and anything else that you might find relevant.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to a storytelling workshop day held mid-May.