Oriented is a feature documentary by Jake Witzenfeld that follows the lives of three gay Palestinian friends confronting their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv.  

Khader is a Tel Aviv "darling" from a prominent Muslim mafia family living with his Jewish boyfriend. Fadi is an ardent Palestinian nationalist who falls in love with an Israeli "zionist". Naim must confront his family with the truth about his sexuality. All three are confilcted by their desire for change in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation. Meanwhile, a war is brewing.... 

Determined to "change their reality", the three best friends form a group called "Qambuta", a non-violent, cultural resistance movement fighting for gender and national equality. Through their activism, they address what it means to grow up with the burden of a multi-faceted identity. 




20 May, 12-3pm


Upstairs at the Ritzy, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW2 1JG

How much?

£4 - including screening and Q&A

More details on the film can be found here