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19 september: migration & diaspora book club

For our second meeting we will read 'Exit West', by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid. It follows the lives of two young lovers from an unnamed war torn city. As violence increases, they eventually choose to flee - but with the appearance of mysterious black doors connecting apparently random places, the geopolitical world is quickly changing. 

‘Exit West’ examines the experience of those who are forced to leave their homes towards the unknown. Through the everyday actions and exceptional choices of the main characters, it puts human faces to the so-called 'refugee crises'. 

This event is open to people of all academic levels and backgrounds, so experience of analysing literature is not required - but make sure to read the book beforehand! We are hosting the meeting at Al Dar Lebanese Restaurant on Edgware Road - you can book your free ticket here.



29 Nov - 5 dec: London Migration Film festival

Following last two years' success, London Migration Film Festival (LMFF) is coming back in November-December 2018.

LMFF will be held in collaboration with a number of partners and it will include film, storytelling, music, workshops, panel discussions and much more! 

If you would like to partner with us and host an event for LMFF, or if you would like to submit a film or an idea for projects to be included in the festival, please write us an email at themigrationcollective@gmail.com